Background and Frequently Asked Questions

About Greengate

  • Greengate is the owner and operator of integrated aged care and retirement villages (Care Villages).
  • Greengate is a Federal Government approved operator of residential aged care, and all our independent living villages are governed by state based retirement living legislation.
  • Greengate is a long term operator in Care Villages and seeks to create successful and vibrant communities that look after the elderly in our community.
  • We have completed a number of projects in partnership with the Catholic Church, using surplus or under-utilised land. In all cases the Church remains the ultimate land owner and a long term leasehold interest is granted to Greengate.
  • We value our relationships with the local community and our residents. We are not a residential developer who builds, sells then moves on – we are on-site from day one, and stay to run the village. We pride ourselves on conducting open and honest communication and building positive relationships with our neighbours.

The design process

  • The consultation process with the surrounding properties commenced in August 2015 with an Open Day
    at the Holy Family Church. We wanted to hear the thoughts, preferences and priorities of the adjoining neighbours, local community and parishioners. Our engagement is ongoing.

  • We have (and continue to undertake) additional research including site investigations, market/supply enquiries, planning discussions with Council, and focus groups with local seniors regarding design preferences for individual apartments.

  • We brought this design back to a second Open Day on 29 November 2015. We received more feedback and continue to hold conversations with local residents as we refine our plans and designs.

  • We have not lodged a Development Application (DA) but expect to do this in early 2016. We are continuing to hold one-on-one meetings with individuals and smaller groups before an application is made to Council.

Key consultation and engagement initiatives

Date Event Invitations
23 August 2015 Community consultation post mass Neighbour letters, newsletter and parish notice
2 & 3 September 2015 Seniors Focus Groups Parish notice, surrounding area letterbox drop
18 October 2015 Toowong Parish post mass Parish notice.
31 October 2015 Newsletter update #2 Mailing list
29 November 2015 Update on our response to consultation feedback – event onsite Mailing list
3 December 2015 Design and information update post event Mailing list
Ongoing Individual meetings held with interested parties Ongoing as requested
First half 2016 DA lodgement